Here is some feedback from immersion genealogists:

“How can you understand your ancestor’s life if you don’t step into the churches they attended, have a pint at their neighborhood pubs, walk the lanes where they walked?” – Heather Rojo, Blogger, Nutfield Genealogy.


“You are walking where your grandfather and great-grandfather walked.” –  Czech Republic resident, Jaroslav Kocourek, to Ed Zapletal, Editor and Publisher of Moorshead Magazines.


“Rome is not just Italy’s capital city; it’s a place filled with family memories and the place where my grandparents began their life together. I feel connected and at home there.” – Mary M. Tedesco
Host / Genealogist on “Genealogy Roadshow” (PBS TV Series)
Founder and Lead Researcher
Italian Family History Research
Massachusetts, USA


“All of them talk about the sense of belonging as soon as they hit Scottish soil. They have a sense of “coming home”  – Christine Woodcock is the Director of Genealogy Tours of Scotland  https://www.genealogytoursofscotland.ca/, an ancestral tourism company. In addition to leading genealogy research tours to Scotland, she lectures, writes and is a self-proclaimed ambassador for both genealogy tourism and Scotland


“Walking in their steps is what makes my research come alive for me.  While it’s truly wonderful what the records can say to us when we dig deeply enough, there is nothing like seeing the actual places that are mentioned in those records to give a true understanding.” – Diana Ritchie


“These trips are once in a lifetime. Yes, we might decide to visit again. But, it will never be the first visit again or the visit that was meant to immerse yourself in your families homeland.”  – Terri O’Connell, Professional Genealogist <http://www.findingourancestors.com> and the Executive Director of The In-Depth Genealogist <http://www.theindepthgenealogist.com>.